In region 4 of Cambodia geography book. The geography book is very important to me because we are just 12-14 years old but we can study how to make a book, learn how to do real experience, and also the one week trip that makes me feel very proud of myself because I never learned about this exploration also I did a great job for this exploration. At 6 O’clock I woke up with the friend, and my teacher, prepare a thing for the whole week trip. It was really good because I just got the first time to do this. First, we just got breakfast. We left liger school at 7:00 am and we arrive Kratie at 2:00 pm, after we arrive we go to the ministry of culture and fine arts of Kratie province, then we went to the pagoda. This trip took me and my friends named Rayuth, Pheakdey and Cheatra so long to complete because I used a lot of time to prepare the all of the electronic stuff, a copy of the photo that we took in daytime, and research about the geography of each province. Some nights we almost slept at 12:00-12:30 a.m.After the trip, we just went to sleep at my friend’s house named Ena because the driver cannot drive a bus at night so PU Saboun and Teacher Sorporn decide to sleep at Ena’s house. In the morning we arrived at Liger at 11:00 am. After that, we took a stuff to clean, then we just stayed my house a be to relax and talk to my friend. This this the new experience for me because I learn a lot about this exploration also this exploration helps me how to me how to be a researcher.

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