Humans of Cambodia

Humans of Cambodia is the exploration that getting people life story and to do that we interview a lot of people. Their story isn’t simple we ask them the question about the sadness or happiness other question about their life that can express their feeling to other people to feel like them. We also take pictures of them and write a description of their story and post it on our blog. I have been interview a lot of people but not all of them will share their story because of it their personal. I learned a lot about writing people story into a short description that can describe everything, edit pictures for the blog and the skill of approach people to feel comfortable to share their story.

This exploration has to go out a lot because we need to go and interview people in different places because we want to get a different lifestyle and different story that we can get. I can see that different places that we go we can get a lot of different stories. I feel like people who live in the place that doesn’t develop they love to share their story to us to remembers how hard is their life but for those who live in the developing place there doesn’t seem open and they always igneous and say “I’m busy now”. Only few people who live in the developing places wanted to share because they also have a hard time for the past until they get rich nowadays.


I really love this exploration because I love listen to people story and I assume that people will understand each other well, of their past and their story. And in the end, our team had made a blog that contains all the people story that we got.




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