In Cambodia, there is a lot of plastic and trash. I was in an exploration called Composting. Why we make this exploration? Because we want to recycle our campus and Cambodia from small to big. Our goals are that, we from the small thing to big thing. Sometimes it is hard to explain to some people to stop using plastic. The way they have no plastic is 3 thing to stop using plastic are start recycle the trash, reuse plastic, and use fabric bag also when we waste from the kitchen or something that can be composted you can reuse it into compost.    

    When you walk, along the beach, river, lake, tourist places and in the city, you will see the plastic it everywhere around that. As for myself, it’s also hard for me because some of the product need the plastic but, we need to try to make product conflict plastic for use those things. Plastic is good to use to do a lot of things but when we use it ready we will not use it anymore if you think that you use a lot of plastic you can reuse it. When you buy a drink you need to ask yourself “how can I recycle this thing” we should do like this because after you drink you will just throw it away but you can throw it into the recycle trash bin. Every day you always cook for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner you will have some west of vegetable you can you it to compost also when you cut the grass you mix it with vegetable to be a good compost and you can grow a lot of green things or tree around your house.

   Together please say no to plastic for keeping our environment clean. If we can do that Cambodia will develop a lot of things also the tourist places place will have a lot of people go to visit that place, our economy will go up because we have a good environment and have a lot of nature.